Dates for 2014

Deschutes River Valley Time Trial Stage Race — April 26-27, 2014

Race Across Oregon — July 18-21, 2014

Race Across Oregon 200 Mile Race — July 18-19, 2014

Ring of Fire 6/12/24 Hour Time Trial — September 5-6, 2014

Double Trouble 200K and Halloween Extravaganza — October 18, 2014

*Stay tuned for information about our Deschutes Double Century in May and Natchez Trace Ride late fall which are both in the planning stages for 2014”

Race Across Oregon 2014

Busy night! The 2x relay race between Aging Warriors (Larsen Brothers) vs White Russian & the Rusty Nail (or Screwdriver) is everything we thought it would be. Allen and Larry Larsen went out hard opening a 20 minute lead over Alex Telitsine and Ian Penner (WR&RN). The Warriors may be aging but they are still very fast (although definitely hampered by having only one van which slows night exchanges considerably). Telitsine and Penner closed to within 90 seconds as the racers began the climb up Battle Mountain and eventually passed the Larsens to gain an 8 minute advantage by TS 6 Dale. They even passed the leading 4x relay – High Performance Cycle U – going through Dale with a one minute advantage although HPCU repassed and currently leads WR&RN by 11 minutes through Fossil. Looking forward to seeing what happens as the racers now enter the most challenging portion of the route! And the FAsT Monkeys – self supported 4x relay – continue to do well reaching TS 5 Dale at 3:35 this morning. They were riding a 3 man rotation trying to keep one racer as fresh as possible for the night.

David Haase continues to lead the solo racers but Sean Hernon has overcome his intestinal problems to close a near 2 hour gap at TS 6 to less than an hour by Fossil. They face Fossil climb, Useless Hill, Clarno Grade and Antelope climb in the next 40 miles – can’t wait to see what happens over this section. Speaking of Clarno – the recent fires burned all the way to the highway but are out now. Racers have been dealing with patches of smoke throughout the night and will continue to do so through Maupin. Have not gotten a TS check from Colin Stokes’ crew (sketchy cell service) since TS 5 where he was in 2nd place. Stokes had been within 20 minutes of Haase all day until TS 5 when Haase increased his lead to an hour. Update as soon as we get a report. Robert Arkes continues his fantastic rookie ride staying within a few minutes of multi time women’s solo champion Karen Armstrong. Armstrong said she felt better than she ever has riding into Heppner. She let the men’s field ride away at the start and has been picking her way through the field ever since. Karen passed through TS 6 Monument Summit at 4:06 this morning. Hopefully the winds will ease today so that she can enjoy the upcoming brief flat section.

Three DNFs occurred in the solo field due to stomach and GI issues. Mick Walsh was holding a solid 3rd place behind Colin Stokes and David Haase until his was unable to keep any fluids down. After losing 12 lbs and requiring three IV bags at Race Across the West last month, Walsh decided he did not want to put himself through that again. Travis Profit also withdrew when unable to keep food or liquids and, after putting up the good fight, Paul Spencer’s race ended after losing an hour long battle with his stomach.

Nice to stop at the Imperial River Company to grab some wifi service for this update – thanks Rob and Susie Miles!

Updating website results as cell service permits. All solos and teams are through TS 2 Moro except the FAsT Monkeys. The Monkeys are awesome – a self crewed four person team and they are doing a fantastic job! The race at the front of the solo field is intense with 200 mile racer Adam Kennedy leading the way through Condon on record pace. However, David Haase, Colin Stokes and Mick Walsh are all within 30 minutes of the leader. Team race has the Larsen Brothers setting the pace through TS 2 with High Performance Cycle U close behind and White Russian and the Rusty Nail gaining ground. I’m currently parked in Moro with great Verizon service. Will do another update from TS 4 Heppner. Thanks so much for following the race!

IS UNDERWAY! David Haase and Adam Kennedy are leading the 500 and 200 mile races respectively. Photos constantly updated on the Race Across Oregon Facebook page throughout the race!

Schedule of Events

Friday July 18, 2014

Noon – Racer Check-in and Vehicle Inspections

6PM – Pre Race Meeting

Saturday July 19, 2014

5 a.m. – Solo and tandem racers start. Please assemble at starting area by 4:45 a.m.

7 a.m. – Two Person Teams start. Please assemble at starting area by 6:45a.m.

9 a.m. – Four Person Relay racers start. Please assemble at starting area by 8:45 a.m.

Depending on skill level we may start some 2 person teams at 9AM and some 4 person teams at 7AM

Monday July 21, 2014

5 a.m. – Course closes

8 a.m. – Post race breakfast/party. Stick around for the best after party in ultra!

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