Dates for 2014

Deschutes River Valley Time Trial Stage Race — April 26-27, 2014

Race Across Oregon — July 18-21, 2014

Race Across Oregon 200 Mile Race — July 18-19, 2014

Ring of Fire 6/12/24 Hour Time Trial — September 5-6, 2014

Double Trouble 200K and Halloween Extravaganza — October 18, 2014

*Stay tuned for information about our Deschutes Double Century in May and Natchez Trace Ride late fall which are both in the planning stages for 2014”

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RAO News

2014 RAO Route

Ring of Fire 2014

The 2014 edition features the debut of night starts for other divisions along with the 24. 24 hour racers James Barhitte (7PM start) and Bill Spaeth (7:05PM) rolled out for the demanding 188 mile big loop. They were followed by John Henry Maurice (7:10PM) doing a short loop only version of the 12 hour race and Brian Martin (7:15PM) racing for 6 hours. Upon finishing his 6 hours, Brian will take a nap and begin a 12 hour 2x relay teaming with Mike Olson!

Martin completed 97 miles by 1:15PM to wrap up his 6.

John Henry Maurice is 20 minutes out and should complete 5 laps for an impressive 162 cold miles.

Updates coming throughout the day.

Jan Acuff began the 82 mile out-and-back at 6:30 this morning.

Mick Walsh (4Dot/Panache Endurance Team) begins at 7:05AM, Olson-Martin 7:09AM, Ruggs-Middleton 7:12AM and Heron-Penner 7:15AM.

6 Hour racers Joanne Heilinger begins at 7:30AM and Chris Penry’s start time is 8:30AM. A number of 6 hour racers will begin with first racer out at noon.

All 12 hour racers are on course.

Weather warmed up to the mid 80s with mild winds. Beautiful day in Maupin. We’re waiting for 24 Hour winner Bill Spaeth with his final lap mileage. However, results to this point:

12 hour

John Henry Maurice (night 12 – short loops only) – 162 miles

Mick Walsh 192 miles
Jan Acuff 178 miles
Heron – Penner 2x Mixed Relay – 206 miles
Riggs – Middleton 2x Women’s Relay – 192 miles
Martin – Olson 2x Men’s Team – 189 miles

6 hour

Brian Martin (night 6) – 97 miles

Joanne Heilinger (morning 6) 83 miles

Jason Penry (morning 6) 108 miles

David Hopper: 109 miles
Patrick Johnson: 94 miles
Savannah Youngren: 87 miles
Ian Hoffman 84 miles
Dan Daley: 84 miles
Chris Young 81 miles
Greg Russell: 54 miles

And William Spaeth has arrived with his crew and a total of 310 miles! Now time to hand out the finisher’s awards – hats and Panache socks.

As always, a great time in Maupin and the good folks at Imperial River Company!

An Oregon you've never seen

What is Race Across Oregon? It’s a bicycle race in which competitors climb over 40,000 feet in their 515 mile campaign to reach the finish line in Hood River, OR approximately 30 hours later. Divisions included in the race are: Male/Female Soloist; Tandem; 2 or 4 Person teams; and Corporate (8 person) teams.

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