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October 2013
Planning for the 2015 Season
September 2013
Double Trouble informal rides, awards and costume party!
May 2013
RAO named 2014 UMCA North American 500 Mile Championship
April 2013
DRVTT Start List is Posted
February 2013
Registration is Open for 2013 DRVTT. Training Camp and RAO Available Early This Week.
March 2012
Hill Country 600 Post #4
Hill Country 600 Post #3
Hill Country 600 Post #2
Hill Country 600 Post #1
Hill Country 600 and Double Century This weekend!
February 2012
Athlete Spot Light - Wink Jackson
Meet Dana Lieberman owner of Bent Up Cycles
Meet World Transcontinental Record Holder Seana Hogan
Meet Teresa Robbins - Preistess, Venus de Miles
January 2012
Chris Ragsdale By the Numbers!
Can't Get Enough of that Texas Hill Country!
Saddle up
Athlete Spot Light - John Marino
Hill Country 600 and Double Century Shaping Up
Athletes of the Week
Off Season?
Helotes Texas - Our host city for the HC 600 and Double Century
September 2011
Lap Lai
August 2011
Race Across Oregon expanding in 2012!
Looking for a place to stay Ring of Fire weekend?
July 2011
Forte Deux's Race Across Oregon 2011 - by Erica McKenzie
It's ON!
Registration Opens today at Noon!
Meet The Racers 2011
RAO Double Century
Route Update
January 2011
My deepest thought for the day
Hello Brooklyn
August 2010
Double Double
Quote of the Day
July 2010
More Twitter
Looking Good
Meet More of the Racers
Quote of the Day
Quote of the Day
Quote of the Day
Meet the Racers
Quote of the Day
Quote of the Day
Rules Update
George Thinks....
Casting Call
June 2010
Whoa Nelly
September 2009
Endurance - Solo Racer Chris O'Keefe's account of RAO 2009
Race Across Oregon by Mick Walsh of Koenig's Kronies
Race Across Oregon--A Bonk For A Better Brain RAO Part 2 Erin Beresini
August 2009
Race Across Oregon-- Mind vs. Body RAO 09 Erin Beresini - Part I
The Story Is In the Struggle - Chad Swanson - RAO 2009
A minute of your time
July 2009
working our way through registration
The New Finish Line
We're Almost There
June 2009
Meet the 2009 RAO Racers
Monday Night Banquet
2009 Course Description
May 2009
ok, ok
April 2009
It's Windy!
February 2009
Hill Country Update
January 2009
Scouting Trip to Texas
September 2008
Another Great Weekend
We're Here
August 2008
Riding for a Cause
July 2008
Picture Updates
Banquet Tonight
Friday morning - Day before the start
Meet the Four Person Teams!
Meet the 2 Person Recumbents!
Meet the Two Person Recuprights!
Meet the Two Person Teams!
Meet the Racers (continued)
Meet the Racers - Solo Field (continued)
New Route Book!
A Few Updates
June 2008
Stay on Good Terms with the Locals!!
Meet the Racers - Solo Field (continued)
Updates 06-17-2008
2008 Route Book
Meet the Racers - Solo Field (continued)
Rambling Thoughts, RAAM, Team Racing, Etc
Meet the Racers
Weekend Ride
May 2008
Crew Needed
LAC Ultra
Happy Mother's Day
So, Did I tell you
April 2008
Hello TV Land
Thursday already
Arizona Camp
Two Things
We're Here
March 2008
Tailwind VS Headwind
Amelia Intervals
February 2008
Riding Outside
Amelia prepares for PAC Tour Women's Camp
NAHBS 2008
Wade Baker Update
January 2008
January 31, 2008
My Mojo is Broken
The Wildlife version of Rocky
Bad JuJu
New Year's Resolutions
November 2007
Update on Wade Baker
Rider Down
September 2007
RAO '07 Recap
July 2007
A Huge Thank You
We're Here
Meet the Racers
More Updates
New Race Start Time for Four Man Teams
New Additions to the Roster
June 2007
Hello From Baby Land!
April 2007
Extra Space in Three Day Camp
Room-mate Needed
We're Getting Closer
November 2006
A new addition
October 2006
The Jerseys
RAO'er Clean up at the 508!
July 2006
Hey! You're Famous!
Tonight's Banquet
More Heat Tips
Hammer Products Available at Pre-Race
Tips for Handling the Heat
Salami Point Update!
Meet the Racers Complete for all Divisions
Meet the Racers - Four Person Relay Teams
RAO 2006 Race Sponsors:
Meet the Racers (Relay Teams)
RAO Inspection and Pre-Race Meeting Info
"Meet the Racers" Completed for Solo Field
Meet the Racers
Crew members needed!
Four Person Relay Seeking Available Bovine
The 2006 DVD
Grand Prize from Co-Motion!
June 2006
Crew/Officials Needed
Race Changes/Updates/Explanations
Welcome new racers!
Team-mate needed for 2 Person Relay!
DVD 2006
A LOT has happened!
May 2006
Back on the course
April 2006
Interesting Communication Idea
Team RAO Speedwagon's 2005 Race Recap
March 2006
RAO Welcomes
We caught another one!
February 2006
Check It Out!
Extreme Makeover
June 2005
Start to Maupin ctd.
Race re-cap:
Next year's RAO
Final Results
Time Station #5
Time Station #4
Time Station #3
Time Station #2
A Special Thank You
Time Station #1
Race update 4:
Race update 3:
Race update 2:
Race update 1:
Race Day 2005
May 2005
Meet the racers ctd:
Meet the racers ctd:
Meet the racers ctd:
Meet the racers ctd:
James Kern
Post Race Party
Meet the racers ctd:
Meet the racers ctd:
Bad news -- good news
Kelly Hegar
Training Camp
Audioblog 6
Audioblog 5
Audioblog 4
Post-Race plans
Training Camp Approaching
Audioblog 3
Audioblog 2
Audioblog 1
Fabio Biasiolo
Dick Weber
Graham Pollock
New Audioblog
Meet the racers:
Gregg Geser
Allen Larsen
April 2005
Crew Needs
Great OBRA News
Audio Blog Setup
Cadet Bryant
Michael Bingle
Starting next week: Meet the racers
Wade Baker
Final Corvallis NWTTS
Saunders Whittlesey
Team Four Play
Ricky Martin
Tom Jacobson
Timberline Lodge Season Pass
Guest Blog
March 2005
Team Basin Extreme
Doug Peterson
Special Hertz Rates
Bicycle Shipping
Rich Kondzielaski
Team #405
Race Across Oregon Fall Tours
Team #801
The views from Timberline
Time Trial Series Starts
Rudy Project
Mileage Markers
Timberline Race Rates
February 2005
Missing Marker
Thought for the day:
Numbers for RAO Solos and Teams
RAO Field
Course Detail ctd.
Course Detail ctd.
Race Headquarters
Course Detail ctd.
January 2005
Thank you for the great information!
Course Detail ctd.
A few more questions/comments
Course Detail ctd.
Course Detail ctd.
Course Detail
Relay openings?
Ring of Fire
Training Camp Waiting List
New Year's Resolution
December 2004
2004 RAAM on TV
Happy Holidays
Grand PAC Masters
Training diaries
Full Camp
November 2004
Two Spots Available
October 2004
Four Spots Open
RAO 04 Observations ctd
Training Camps
July 2004
RAO 04 Observations
Home from RAAM
June 2004
The re-cap is complete
Time Station 4
Recap update
Recap update
Race Re-cap ctd.
Race Photos
Race re-cap:
Sue Morris wins
Race re-cap:
Race data
RAO Photos
2004 RAO Re-cap
RAO 2004 Results
Time Station # 5 times
Time Station # 4 times
Time Station # 3 times
Time Station # 2 times
Time Station # 1 times
RAO 04 Update 4
RAO 04 Update 3
RAO 04 Update 2
RAO 04 Update
Time Station GPS Co-ordinates
Weather Update
Pre-race meeting
Additions and subtractions
Note to all crew chiefs:
Race Hotline
May 2004
The 2004 field
The Chevron Station in Long Creek
April 2004
Race numbers
March 2004
Administrative info
Clothing orders
Crew needs
RAO 800 number
Rental deals

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